50 years after in Silicon Valley, Part I

Only remaining of company Ampex, started 1944 by Russian émigré Alexander M. Poniatoff. Its Videofile project was a fruitful failure and helped to later launch Oracle and Atari.
Road sign on E Bayshore Rd. parallel to Highway 101, close to San Antonio Rd, Mountain View
  • Discover and document some historic places of Silicon Valley and what is remaining from some of the early companies that started here.
  • Document the life, old and new, of the people and their infrastructure required for a living, houses, grocery stores, new developments in recent years etc.
  • Portrait people who live in the Silicon Valley including colleagues and random people I meet.
  • Follow the path of my own trips in the last twenty-five years and see whats remaining
Citroën DS parked in the backyard of former Fairchild Semiconductor HQ, 1272 Borregas Ave, Sunnyvale. The car might be of same age as Robert Noyce’s patent on “Integrated Circuit”, awarded on Apr 25, 1961.
On weekends, many farmers across California come to Silicon Valley to sell their products in the streets and at small local markets; mostly fruits and vegetables but also: bonsai.
2690 Casey Ave, Mountain View. Once a large campus of Sun Microsystems it is now used mostly by Intuit and other small businesses. I spend almost ten weeks in this building in 1995 benchmarking databases from Informix and Oracle on the back then first Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) machines from Sun.
Los Altos (Santa Clara County) exit sign on Highway 101. Originally an agriculture town with summer cottages and apricot orchards, this is where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak build the first fifty Apple I computers in a garage of Job’s parents.
Highway crossing of HWY92 and HWY101. Many of the Silicon Valley computer companies are located south of here.
Villas at Bair Island Apartment Homes, Redwood City starting at about $3500 monthly rent for 830 sqft. 1 bed/1 bath room. As more people move into Silicon Valley, new homes are build on new land wrenched from the Bay.
Palo Alto home and car. Palo Alto online real estate page for Jun 2018 lists an average sales price of $3,877,857
Salesforce.com tower rising into the Clouds. The Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in San Francisco and is surrounded with many small startup companies. Salesforce was founded by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff in 1999



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Andrea & Ralf. Couple working in the software industry and passionate about photography.